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Transforming how community health and social care services are delivered

The Health and Wellbeing Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) provides a new model for delivering integrated public health and social care interventions, innovations and tendering.  It offers a platform where all partners have security in giving their best ideas to stimulate innovation; it removes perverse incentives from the service user pathways and shares surpluses/risk equally, collectively contributing to the creation of a resilient local health economy.


Social Return

Devolution Ready





The Health & Wellbeing Partnership LLP
has a combined turnover of over


Social adVentures

Social adVentures is a wellbeing social enterprise specialising in public health and social care contracts that run alongside social businesses.

Specialism: Community health and wellbeing

Garden Needs

Garden Needs is a community garden centre set in the heart of the Salford community. Their aim is to connect people with nature and inspire them to lead healthier and happier lives.

Specialism: Mental health


NAViGO provides a range of health and care services across North East Lincolnshire. Their mission is to provide services that they would be happy for their own families to use.

Specialism: Residential care, personal care, mental health services

Six Degrees

Six Degrees provides 1:1 talking therapy for people who are struggling with common mental health problems such as depression or anxiety.

Specialism: Mental health


Ripplez CIC is an independent social enterprise providing NHS services to young parents to be in Derby who are aged 17 or under and in their first pregnancy.

Specialism: Family support


PossAbilities provide a wide range of flexible person-centred adult social care services. They support individuals to become more independent and enhance quality of life.

Specialism: Adult social care


YMCA Manchester is both a social enterprise and a charity providing training, education, health and wellbeing programmes to young people and communities.

Specialism: Support for young people

Mutual Ventures

Mutual Ventures was democratically chosen by the nine partner organisations to provide secretariat support to the LLP. Business planning and development experts, Mutual Ventures carry out all due diligence and will help the LLP to strategically grow.

Specialism: Supporting partner

Our Purpose

We want every person to have a vibrant, active and meaningful life

We want every person to have equal access to approachable, compassionate and responsive healthcare

We want to pioneer a new, collaboartive model for healthcare


In the last year several other social enterprises have pioneered a new way of delivering public services by creating the UK’s first ever health and wellbeing social enterprise LLP.

Currently different social enterprises and charities provide different aspects of health and wellbeing services. When it comes to bidding for new contracts, alone these organisations may not have the capacity or size to foster confidence from the commissioning body. However, by coming together and working in partnership this enables these organisations to compete against large providers.

Comprised of public service spin-outs and local charities, the Health and Wellbeing LLP has been forged to meet the ever increasing move towards ‘macro-commissioning’. This new circa £33m organisation is ideally placed to compete in the new commissioning landscape.

Our Vision

Daring to be different, the LLP offers a new approach to health and wellbeing. The aim is to nurture healthy communities from the grassroots, creating real social value and sustainability. The Health and Wellbeing LLP brings together sector leading social enterprises in health and social care to create a pathfinding partnership offering a different approach to healthcare. Stronger together, they unite their experience, scale and skills to do things better.

Our vision is to pioneer a new collaborative model for healthcare where every person has equal access to approachable, compassionate and responsive healthcare that allows them to lead healthier and happier lives.

The LLP provides innovative solutions for commissioners, promoting integration and at the same time it opens up commissioning opportunities to smaller third sector partners that would normally be excluded or disadvantaged by the lead bidder models.

Our Core Values


One single point of contact for contract management and accountability.

Social Return

Larger Social Return as impact is being generated via several organisations.

Devolution Ready

Provides scale to deliver macro-contracts across larger geographical areas.


Reduces failure risk as risk is shared across partner organisations.


Reinvestment of surplus’s allows for increased innovation.


Equity investable as a platform, ability to invest directly into the platform and to take a shareholding.


Diverse partnership reduces risk to investors.


Benefits for Partners
  • Ability to compete for larger contracts across greater geographical areas
  • Pooling of resources to increase economies of scale and reduce operating costs
  • Provides an innovative ‘hot bed’ so that innovations can be brought together quickly and efficiently
  • Provides a route for large social investment whilst safeguarding organisational sovereignty



Benefits for Commissioners
  • One single point of contact for contract management and accountability
  • Provides scale to deliver Macro-contracts across larger geographical areas
  • Integration of health and social care contracts to create joined up solutions
  • Provides ‘economies of scale’ therefore reducing operating costs of smaller providers
  • Reduces failure risk as risk is shared across partner organisations
  • Reinvestment of surplus’s allows for increased innovation
Benefits for Social Investors
  • Equity investable platform, investors have the ability to directly invest in the LLP and take a shareholding
  • Allows for ‘at scale’ investments to be provided to multiple partners via one investment reducing transaction costs
  • Larger Social Return as impact is being generated via several organisations
  • Diverse partnership reduces risk to investors



Contact Us

Please contact Christian Loftus at Social adVentures for more information about working with the Health and Wellbeing Partnership LLP.

or phone 0161 833 0495